My name is Tihomir Iliev, or Tisho, as all of my friends and colleagues call me. I graduated from the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts, at the Faculty of Film and TV Cinematography… as I was also one step away from becoming a chemical engineer. :) Cinema has been my childhood dream and, as the years passed by, photography inevitably became my destiny. I am a lucky man – I do what I love, so I’ve never had to really work a day in my life, since I’m having fun while taking photos and I’m excited when I get to find solutions for creative tasks.:) I practice mainly in the area of Food Styling, Product and Lifestyle photography. Food Styling and Food Photography/Cinematography became a second nature to me and that is the thing I'm really passionate about. That direction of development gave me the opportunity to travel a lot, to hunt down authentic culinary tastes, to meet unique creative culinary masters and to get inspired from unfamiliar and exciting stories. My camera is the bridge between the world and my perception of it – I like to express myself through light and shape, to interpret the reality through my viewfinder and to embody the transient. When photographing food I love playing with the process of preparation, styling and lighting. I like giving interesting character to the different food textures, to come up with all sorts of tricks for presenting a culinary set in the most appealing way.I spend part of my free time in my own kitchen as well, where I relax and truly have fun by experimenting with new tastes, every day I learn something new. I love preparing healthy raw food for my 3-year-old daughter and for the woman in my life, who is always inspiring me and motivating me to look for more and more new opportunities to develop my culinary skills and photographic endeavors.

Clients: LIDL, BELLA BULGARIA (brands: Leki, Sachi, Perelik, Orehite, Tommi, Bella, Naroden), Ken, Tandem, Nestle (brand Maggi), BILLA, Verea, Lakrima, Dimitar Madzharov, Fresko, Florina, Chio Chips, Studio Moderna, Miss Caprice, Dunkin Donuts, KFC, NORDSEE and many others.
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